Keeping The Knobbly Crook Free

The first trilogy/twology of the Knobbly Crook will be 100% free. That’s not going to change. Relax. And I do aim to create *future* chapters of the series for years to come for free, too. But that may be difficult due to being a full-time game dev working in the AAA industry. My dream job would be all Knobbly Crook all the time, but I don’t want to charge you for it, so it’s not a realistic goal. However, donations do help with the crunch. This is a labor of love and I absolutely appreciate every generous Patron and every tip given. Getting paid for your hobby is an amazing feeling. If every person who has played Chapter 1 were to tip me $1, that would be well over $30,000. That’s not bad for a hobby. And you paid more for that for that junky app you played for 10 minutes, didn’t you? Patrons who donate monthly get some neat little perks, too. A name in the credits for sure, some with extra flare. The big donors have already designed characters with me and they will be going into Chapter 2. In fact, I’ll show off their characters at the end of this post. You can find the donation (one time and patron) on the main page in their own boxes. Please consider giving back if you had a couple of hours of fun with the game. You tip the pizza guy, right?

Character concepts designed with my donors!