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Lore: Knobbcrookian Language

Like the people themselves, Knobbcrookian language has chaos at its base. While a listener might be able to discern specific repeated words and equate meaning to them, those words will usually vary from Knobbcrookian to Knobbcrookian. So how do they communicate?

Otherdimensional Linguist Pleedy Nayles has a theory. He states, “Given that these beings only recently came into existence with an explosion of chaotic energy, it’s possible that they use that same magickal radiation to project a sort of telepathic wave. Why, then, do some (but not all) of them have mouth and voice-like apparatuses? I don’t know. But I do think their vocalizations work more as punctuation than any type of meaningful words. However, I believe we’re seeing a transition with some minor repetition of certain words. The Knobbcrookians are known for creating difficulties for themselves and the devolution from telepathy to speech would be just like those stupid little bastards.”