Lore: Knobbcrookian Names


Most Knobbcrookians receive two names, one when they are first excavated from the vast junk piles around the Knobbly Crook, and one when they have found their calling.

The first name, or “dig” name, widely varies based the finder. You find it, you name it. O’Sirus was likely found by a reader of ancient manuscripts, but some unfortunate Knobbcrookians, such as Buuuuuh or Meh, were likely found by a digger of low intelligence or limited speech. Sometimes a dig name is based on physical appearance, like Lumpish or Sludgy. Those with only a dig name are often called the “Half-named” and have lower social status.

The second name, or “tail name” often comes with a Knobbcrookian’s career choice, such as Tobble the Tapper, but it can also be a description, an accomplishment, or even a favorite object. Examples include Hoodley the Gaptooth, Jenniful the Overslept, and Pawdink the Waxwick. Tail names are exclusively given by the Royal Guffaloon, the castle’s royal guard. Often, one must succeed in a series of trials to receive their tail name, but the difficulty of those trials is mostly based on whether or not the Guffaloon like your face (or face-like appendages).

On occasion, high-ranking Knobbcrookians may lose their tail name to an official title. One well-known case is when Oddlar the Purple became Chief Paincutioner Oddlar.