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Bad Hemochines

O’Sirus has wandered into the Knobbly Crook’s Hemochine festival, which is really a one-man show by the infamous Osmo the Breaker. There’s a lot of fun and terrifying stuff to do here, but nothing quite as pants-filling as the spookhouse. Beware! (continue reading)

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Judgement Wardens: Keeping the Crook In Line

You Will Be Judged!

While most Knobbcrookians embrace the metal bits they were given at “birth,” there’s a cult of rebels who live deep in the Undercrook who modify their bodies with replacement metals in their pursuit of unity and equality. The Judgement Wardens are very skilled at lecturing people and have started to enforce harsh rules upon the denizens above. (continue reading)


Lore: Knobbcrookian Names


Most Knobbcrookians receive two names, one when they are first excavated from the vast junk piles around the Knobbly Crook, and one when they have found their calling.

The first name, or “dig” name, widely varies based the finder. You find it, you name it. (continue reading)

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Lore: Knobbcrookian Language

Like the people themselves, Knobbcrookian language has chaos at its base. While a listener might be able to discern specific repeated words and equate meaning to them, those words will usually vary from Knobbcrookian to Knobbcrookian. So how do they communicate? (continue reading)

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Lore: Who Is Jack?

If you’ve played chapter I of the Knobbly Crook, chances are you’ve met the mysterious Jack Steamheel in the Horse’s Ass Bar. Jack is a traveler from another world, a legend, in fact. His story is an ongoing, weird urban fantasy story set in a steampunk world and filled with unusual creatures. (continue reading)