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Judgement Wardens: Keeping the Crook In Line

You Will Be Judged!

While most Knobbcrookians embrace the metal bits they were given at “birth,” there’s a cult of rebels who live deep in the Undercrook who modify their bodies with replacement metals in their pursuit of unity and equality. The Judgement Wardens are very skilled at lecturing people and have started to enforce harsh rules upon the denizens above. (continue reading)

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Tarsus Twotalk’s Toxic Shack


A new screenshot from Chapter II: The Face of the Face. O’Sirus took a slimy side trail off the cliff’s path and found himself face to face with an old fiend. You may remember Tarsus Twotalk from the Horse’s Ass bar, where he was preaching doom. (continue reading)

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Life From Chaos

A Snipping Young Lad
Welcome, otherdimensional pilgrims, to the abstract world of the Knobbly Crook. It is a world governed by the physics of Rock, Paper, Scissors, where chaos is commonplace and logic is malleable.

It is also a point-and-click adventure game fashioned after the beloved genre pioneers of the late 1980s and 1990s. (continue reading)